3 trucs pour te motiver à bouger dehors cet automne par HappyFitness

"It's cold, it's dark and the days are getting shorter, blablabla." November is now well underway, and we’ve heard these depression words a billion times.

It is a reality, however. The arrival of fall has left our energy levels at an all time low. The shorter days and our extreme fatigue has had notable effects on our motivation to train and stay in shape, even less outside.

If decorating your head with a beautiful Gibou hat is not enough to convince you to get outside and get moving, here are some additional tips to help you get that motivation back.


1 – Give fall a chance

While it is generally acknowledged that autumn may be the worst time of the year to train outside, it is important not to lose sight of the advantages this season has to offer !

Gone are the days of excessive heat and humidity! The air is fresh, it smells good, and it's never too hot. Plus, exercising outdoors is probably one of the best ways to combat seasonal blues. Research has shown that working out outside may increase energy levels and reduce stress to a greater extent than exercising indoor! Convinced yet? You only have one month left to enjoy fall, so you better get to it!

2 – Layering! :

"BUT IT’S FREEZING" some may say. It’s not freezing, you are simply not dressed warmly enough. With the right clothes on, exercising outdoor will be nothing but fun and games!

Secondly, layers are clutch! With a tighter layer that breaths well and stays dry, a second warmer layer (jacket or fleece) and a third and final layer that acts as a windbreaker will have you running around outside, and forgetting about the cold. Of course, it is recommended to adjust the number of layers according to the temperature.

3- Lose your "All-or-nothing" state of mind ! !

The "All-or-nothing" state of mind makes us complacent when we do not have the time or energy to train for 45 minutes.

What about a 10 minute walk ?

The hardest part is always getting your foot out of the door. The first few minutes of exercise may be the hardest, but they create the basis for us to work out for a longer period of time.

And if this doesn't happen, 10 minutes is definitely better than nothing! Every minute spent moving is good for your health. If this were a game, you would win a "health point" for each movement you make. Imagine the amount of points that would accrue in 10 minutes!

So even if it’s impossible for you to accumulate 100 points today, remember that you are way better off winning 1, 10 or 50 points instead of zero.

Chloé Rochette, coach à HappyFitness

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MF's pink apple puré recipe, a knitter's delight!

Marie-France's puré is the ideal recipe to get through fall. Here is her simple recipe!

compote gibou


  • 1.36kg/3lb of Empire apple or other 
  • 1 cup of water
  • Sugar for flavour 
  • Cinnamon for flavour


  • Cut the apples into thick slices without removing the peel, remove the apple cores. 
  • Add the cup of water.
  • Simmer 15 minutes or until apples are cooked.
  • Pour everything through a flat strainer in order to separate the apple peels from the puré of the cooked apples.
  • Add sugar and cinnamon.

Enjoy !


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A New Website for Gibou!

Welcome to the new and improved website, where you will find new products from the collection! Your ideas and suggestions were the sources of inspiration behind this new collection. Perfect for bundling up in the fall and winter, the SCARF is an essential piece to be added to anyone's wardrobe and will always keep you warm. This piece is available as a circle or regular scarf. Both options have the same number of rows and and stitches. The dual colour HEADBAND will keep you warm throughout the fall and spring seasons. If you have any special requests with regards to colour selection, please contact us at ;). Due to the popularity of the TOQUE's different pompom options...

The scalf : Ideal for bundling up in the fall as well as winter, this is an essential piece that will always keep you warm and should be added to anyone's wardrobe. This piece is available as a regular scarf or circle scarf. Both options have the same number of rows and and stitches.

The Headband: This two-colour piece will keep you warm throughout the fall and spring seasons. If you have any special requests with regards to colour selection, please contact us at

Hat with fur pompom: Due to the popularity of the different pompom options last season, we are once again offering our classic knit hats with various pompom options. Please note that we use the same snap buttons as last year.

Finally, the new color of the collection: frosted blue. 

Have a warm winter !

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