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Our Story

In 2014, Sarah Beaudoin, Founder and President, launched Gibou after getting praised for the original design she created in an effort to answer her need for a warm yet fashionable hat that could make the freezing Canadian winter days enjoyable. This style went on to become the “Classic” and is still at the core of the company’s offering with different colorways and various recycled fur pompom options. This enterprise also allowed Sarah to further explore her passion for knitting and share it with the Gibou community.

From the very beginning, it was adamant that everything we undertook would have to reflect the company’s values through three essential aspects: local manufacturing, the use of recycled fur exclusively and the upcycling of noble materials.

Flooded by orders over the 2014 Holiday season, the idea of including retirees in our workforce was born. They are passionate about manual labour and the multiple benefits that come with it. This hobby turned into satisfying work even creates withdrawal as jokingly put by some of our team members to express the way they feel when they find themselves out of wool.

After focusing exclusively on winter accessories, the first Summer collection was launched in 2018 with different styles of headbands and beach towels inspired by the knots created by knitted wool. Its success sparked the idea of multiple capsule collections with special editions and colorways which you can explore in the Shop section as they see the light of day. 

The Retirees

I like knitting for Gibou because ...

Denise (Laval)

"Knitting items for Gibou brings me the joy of working with wool, but also as a retiree it gives me a daily comfort zone all while knowing I'm contributing to the success of a business."

Carole (Montréal)

"Because I love the founder and she has a lot of talent!!! "


"I love knitting Gibou items because my rythm is respected. I work in utter peace and calm which is good for the soul. "

Marie (Montréal)

" Simply to relax my eyes that watch television too often.
Simply to concentrate on my work and not the problems of the world.
To appreciate my work once it's finished.
To not get reprimanded by my boss for a job poorly done.
If I could have been an artist like Sarah ..."


" For me, knitting responds to my need to be creative and knitting helps the constant need for Gibou products. There has been more than 600 hats knit since I've started with the team of knitters in November of 2015. Knitting for Gibou is a marvelous opportunity, that lets me continue, even retired, to participate in the realization of an amazing project and to support a local entrepreneur. "

Marie-France (Montréal)

"I love to knit Gibou items for the simplicity of the act and the pleasure of being part of a team from my living room."


"Knitting has always been my passion. Today, thanks to Gibou, I can continue to pursue this pleasure."

Lorraine (Saint-Sauveur)

"I have looked for an opportunity like this for a longtime, to be able to create and be a part of a wonderful adventure. Thank-you Gibou."

Sylvie (Montréal)

"I have no words to express the joy I have when I am knitting"


"Knitting for Gibou gives me a lot of pride when I see all the beautiful finished products!"