How long have you been knitting for Gibou?

I have been knitting for Gibou since September of 2015.

How did you start to knit? (if it wasn't with Gibou)

I learnt how to knit with needles, with my cousins when I was 12 years old. Later on with Gibou, I learnt how to crochet.

Where do you knit, in what circumstances?

I often knit at night, in front of the televisions. I also knit when we go on long car journeys, such as when we go to our chalet near lac Mégantic.

What is your favourite Gibou colour?

Aubergine is my favourite colour.

What was your profession before you retired?

I was a elementary school teacher.

What do you like the most about being retired ?

Since I've been retired, I like mornings because I can take my time to drink my coffee and have breakfast. 
I also like being able to do exercise in the mornings. 
I appreciate being able to fully enjoy all the moments that may present themselves to me, such as traveling. 
I love spending time with my grand-children and being available for them. 

Do you have any advice for a young adult ?

When there are stressful or difficult moments, come back to basics and take care of your body and mind, by eating well, having the right amount of sleep, by doing exercise and being surrounded by people who bring us happiness.