Since when have you been knitting for Gibou ?

I have been knitting for Gibou since November of 2015.

How did you start to knit ? (if it wasn't for Gibou)

I started knitting around the age of ten. It was my sister that initiated me to knitting by pin because she learnt how to in her economy classes in school. Afterwards, it was a friend of my mothers that was my coach. She permitted me to realize many different articles such as ponchos, blankets, socks etc. in many different techniques. Hours and hours of fun have turned into 45 years of knitting " OMG "!

When do you knit? It what circumstances?

My day always starts with a good coffee and it's at that moment that I start to knit my first hat of the day. Afterwards, I knit while watching my favourite television shows or a good movie. In the summer, I tend to knit in my gazebo at my chalet. Between gardening, babysitting, yoga, drawing lessons, painting ... the moment is always right to knit a hat. 

What is your favourite Gibou colour ?

All the Gibou colours are interesting but I have a particular affinity for the aubergine and especially for one  of the newest colour, frosted violet. For having knit with all the colours, it is funny to see at what point the colouring changes the texture of the wool. Each dye has its own texture!

What did you do before you retired ?

I worked in the administrative managerial and communications field for the airport and port sectors of the Federal public sector for over 35 years.

What do you like the most about being retired ?

Being the boss of my own time. It's a great thing to not have to wake-up at 5:15 every morning, and being stuck in traffic! I was very lucky as well that my retirement coincided with the birth of my grandson; this liberty permits me to spend quality time with him and that fills me with happiness.

What advice would you give to a young adult ?

The question is quite difficult because I'm still learning every day. I find it amazing to see all the young adults throwing themselves into life with all the passion that only the 20/30 have. I encourage them to follow their dreams while listening to their inner voices, but also to listen to the advice of prior generations since they are often rich in experience and advice. We can often be under the impression that we are treading a new path or inventing something totally new, but often we're going around in circles. By exchanging with the prior generations, we offer ourselves the possibility to compare new ways to old ways, and better what hasn't worked to maximize the winning formula. If my age lets me give advice, I've realized that the young adults of today teach me so many lessons. What wealth of knowledge!