For how long have you been knitting with Gibou ?

I've been knitting Gibou items for almost two years.

How did you start to knit? (If it wasn't with Gibou)

My mother was a knitting pro, I had tried many different projects but they always ended up in scarves ...

Where do you knit, in what circumstances ?

I love knitting anytime, in front of the television, outside, in my bed when my health asks me to.

What is your favourite Gibou colour?

I really like knitting with two different colours.

From what domaine are you retired ?

Major health problems resulted in leaving the workforce early. 

What do you like the most about being retired ?

Not working anymore gives you a certain liberty.

What advice would you give to a young adult ?

I love our generation of young adults, they are so beautiful. My wish for them is to take advantage of the present and never stop dreaming.