We are proud to have chosen linen for our new collection!

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Our new linen collection is now available!

This collection was particularly dear to our heart because in addition to being the perfect material for your summer looks, linen has some qualities that join our social values. 


3 great qualities of linen

1.Naturally biodegradable and recyclable

Made from a natural fiber, linen is transformed directly from the plant using natural and non-chemical processes. The maceration of the stems of flax are carried out on the soil as a result of bad weather. The production requires much less energy than conventional harvest and almost none fertilizer and pesticides. This way, linen is energy-friendly and remains natural and ecological.

The materials finishing treatments allows fabric properties to be preserved over time. In this way, linen does not deform nor pill and is resistant qualities are preserved.

The fiber transformation process respect the environment and produce almost no waste. The extra fabric is used to created derived product like pulp, glitter, seeds and oil.

2.Thermal regulator

The naturalness of the fiber enable the fabric to have hypoallergenic proprieties as well as thermoregulatory characteristics. What it means, is that linen is insulating in winter and breathable during the summer. In fact, the material allows a cool sensation during summer and retain heat during winter. It really adapts to his environment! Linen also has absorbent qualities. Indeed, the fabric absorbs up to 20% moisture, without even appearing wet and dries down really fast. The material allow sweat to leave skin without a single trace. In addition to being beautiful, our accessories are practical for all your summer activities!


Linen is one of the strongest fibers on the market. As mentioned previously, the pure linen fabric neither pill nor deform under any circumstances. It is also resistant to light and water. Therefore, more the material is washed, the more it softens and becomes fresh after drying. Linen is one of the most durable and resistant material over time. Perfect for your need!  



Hoping that you like this collection as much as we do :) 

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