Since when did you start to knit for Gibou ?

For the past three or four years.

Why did you start to knit? (If it wasn't for Gibou)

My mother showed me how to knot when I was younger. Madeleine, was a unique and stylish knitter. 

When do you knit? (in front of the t.v. ? outside? when your husband is out fishing ? ...)

I often knit in front of the television, all while keeping my attention on my wool. 

What is your favourite Gibou colour ?

The colours are all beautiful. Sarah always chooses colours that are in style and in harmony with each other. They all can be styled to fit the rest of your outfit. 

What do you like the most about being retired ?

Traveling and taking the time to appreciate life with Gibou because it's so cozy and recomforting.

What advice would you give to a young adult ?

Realize your dreams and persevere !