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Les sels de bain / The bath salts
Les sels de bain / The bath salts

The bath salts


For a limited time, our Self-care environment gets bigger to fill your daily lives with gentleness. We suggest new items from our favourite brands to offer you a unique relaxing experience.

Here are the bath salts from our selection of favourites. These luxurious salts are infused with essential oils and nourishing minerals. These handmade bath salts are made by Agha Studio, a wonderful company from Vancouver.

Size : We offer these bath salts in an 8oz format (227g).

How to use :

  • While the warm water is running, add ½ a cup of bath salt to your bathtub.
  • If desired, use a muslin cotton bag instead.
  • Let soak for about 20 minutes.
  • Relax.